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John Wayne's first yacht a floating derelict

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It would appear the boat once known as The Wild Goose and owned by John Wayne is a total loss.  Current ownership ran it aground and holed the hull.  By the time it can be re-floated, restoration would be a financial disaster.  Kindling and Scrap Metal. 

Major 2:
To be clear, the Yacht Norwester is not the Wild Goose.
The Norwester subject to this post was the Duke first yacht....

The "Wild Goose" was a YMS-1 Class Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper much larger at 136 feet.
YMS-328 was sold privately in 1948 to Vancouver Tug & Barge owner Harold Jones. He named her La Beverie. Upon Jones's death in 1956, millionaire Max Wyman purchased the yacht and renamed her the Wild Goose II. Wyman traveled the world on the yacht including Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Hawaii.
In 1962, she was bought by John Wayne and went through a major renovation. The Duke owned her till his death, it is now owned by Hornblower Cruises.
She is berthed at Newport Beach Calif. and still in operation as a dinner cruise yacht

Coal Creek Griff:
Here's an updated news report.


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