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RIP Larry McMurtry

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River City John:
Larry McMurtry passed today at 84 years.

Thank you for sharing your talent.

Addenda: Just read where renowned children's author, Beverly Cleary has passed today also, at 104.

The combined impact of these two authors . . .


Loved "Lonesome Dove", but didn't care for his others.  That one book was enough to put him up there for me.  RIP Mr. McMurtry.

Johnson Barr:
Gus and Call are featured in 4 McMurtry novels. Lonesome Dove was #3 in the series. All four are worth the read.

I know.  I tried reading the others and just didn't care for them.  May have to try them again.  For me it was sort of like "Catch-22".  Tried reading Heller's other work and just couldn't get into it.  To be honest, I hardly ever read fiction anymore.

Helped revitalize Westerns.

His books were hit or miss.  Just noticed this today.
Heard on TV that Lonesome Dove screenplay sat abandoned for years. It was supposed to have John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and either Glenn Ford or Henry Fonda.



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