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Coal Creek Griff:
I was looking for a little light reading to mix in with my regular history books. This one was right on target.  What do you read when you're stuck at home?

CC Griff

Gus Walker:
 ;D  Very fine choice my man. Anything by Louis is on my list, Love all the Sackett stories and the Kilkenny series.   

I've always got a list of books I want to find time to read.  This time around, I blew $20 on 20 of Amazon's 99 cent copies of bios, "just in case".  Should  be enough reading there to keep me busy for a while. 

BTW, some of those books are an outright steal.  I paid $300 for my first copy of Chittenden's history of the fur trade back in high school.  When it was finally re-printed, I snagged the reprints for about $40 and sold the first editions for about what I paid for them 20 years earlier.  I just bought "back-up copies" for the Kindle: $.99 each. 

The Kindle offerings aren't perfect (I still prefer the feel of a book in my hands), but they do allow be to access references I couldn't otherwise locate or afford (or in the case of peripheral interests like the settlement of TX, justify).  Now if someone would just "Kindle-ize" Hafen's work. . . .

Coal Creek Griff:
I have a lot of books on my "to read" shelf too.  ;)

CC Griff

Dirty Dick:
Started re-reading my entire collection of W.E.B.Griffin novels, 'Hell' I Was There' by Elmer Keith, and watching Foyles War in the evening.



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