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River City John:
Sad news of the passing of Charles Portis, author of "True Grit" and other notable works, at the age of 86.


Coal Creek Griff:
Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. True Grit is one of my absolute favorite books. It is one of the few books that I have finished reading, then turned back to the beginning and immediately started over. I also love the audio version read by Donna Tartt. I've listened to it over and over. I like the movies, but the book is so much better. Portis did a remarkable job.

CC Griff

I admit to not having read the book.  just the movies.  Loved them both but IMO that was John Wayne's best work.  Most of his westerns had him playing John Wayne, but not that one. 

Never thought about an audio version.  I drive a lot, should get it.

Coal Creek Griff:
The book is relatively short and totally fun to read. It is written as if Mattie Ross wrote it, so you get a lot more depth to her personality. She goes off on rabbit trails, moralising on various subjects and never once considering that she could be wrong. The story line is great, but the way that it is told is great too and the movies can't capture that part.

Included in the audio book read by Donna Tartt (herself a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist) is an essay that she wrote and reads. She has loved the book for years, which helps her read it so well. Also, being from the south, her natural accent is totally appropriate. I have a long commute for work and I've listened to many hundreds of audio books. I generally get them from the library, but I've decided to buy maybe three because they are so good. This is one.

CC Griff

PJ Hardtack:
"A good man to ride the river with."



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