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Tom Berenger 1996 Avenging Angel

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--- Quote from: Hill Beachy on January 08, 2021, 11:44:57 PM ---All good films and a very underrated actor.  But I still like "Rustler's Rhapsody" best of all.

When I first started shooting CAS, one of the fellows in the club had the alias "Rex TSC."  I asked him once what the TSC stood for, and he responded "Rex The Singing Cowboy" which is when I learned about the movie.

--- End quote ---
I liked most of Tom Berringer's films, but Rustler's Rhapsody is just hilarious with the whole "I'd like a large glass of Warm Milk" bar goes silent. 


Hill Beachy:
Yessir, there were a lot of good lines in that one.

Oh, and don't forget gin, in a dirty glass ... with a human hair in it.   :D

Again, I loved Rustler's Rhapsody, but I drink my gin cold, with tonic and lime, or orange juice, bitters, and some tonic.
 ;D ;D

He's pretty versatile.
I think my favorites of his movies would be Major League, Platoon, and Gettysburg/Gods & Generals.

I understand that during his off time he is or was a CW Reenactor

I have been a fan for long time from Eddie and the cruisers to Hatfields and McCoys.  He always does a good job.   He did the western detective series.  I am going to have to look and see if it is streaming anywhere.



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