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Informative Book on the Comanche

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I guess I should bring that one in from the Subaru.  it's been my car book (read at restaurants and waiting rooms) since September of last year.  Ain't going anywhere for a few months I bet.

DANG, just DANG.

Cholla Hill Tirador:

--- Quote from: Good Troy on August 21, 2015, 09:35:27 AM ---I recently finished a book entitled "Comanches: The History of a People".

The book pretty much does what the title says.  It gives a history of the Comanches. 
I'm not typically interested in "history" books.  My wife mistakenly bought this for me years ago instead of another book I'd requested.  However, I was quite surprised at how interested I was in the subject once I got off into it. 
What I found really interesting was that the author focused on cultural and social forces at play.  I helped to understand the why, not just the what of the events of the times.

--- End quote ---

 Finished this one a few weeks ago. A tedious read, lots of information and small print.

 Also recently finished Apache Wars It's the best and most detailed I've read so far because so much of this conflict was fought by the U.S. Army and the information in the book was taken from the diaries and journals of the soldiers and commanders.

Yellowhouse Sam:
Anything by Fehrenbach is good....he was the historian of Texas.


I FINALLY finished reading the Comanches.  The last part was covered by a book Ranald S. Mackenzie on the Texas Frontier.  Both are great books.  Mackenzie was a great Indian fighter, but the whole thing got to him and he died insane.


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