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Good Troy:
I recently finished a book entitled "Comanches: The History of a People".

The book pretty much does what the title says.  It gives a history of the Comanches. 
I'm not typically interested in "history" books.  My wife mistakenly bought this for me years ago instead of another book I'd requested.  However, I was quite surprised at how interested I was in the subject once I got off into it. 
What I found really interesting was that the author focused on cultural and social forces at play.  I helped to understand the why, not just the what of the events of the times.   

Empire of the Summer Moon is the best one I've read. Harrowing and exciting story of the land called Comancharia it was so large.

Good Troy:
Thanks Nagantino!

The "empire" book caught my attention on my last trip to the book store.  I'll definitely add it to the "to read" list.

I've never been much of a book reader, as my attention span is about the size of a magazine page.  But, here recently, I've embarked on a journey to read up on history of the old west.  Since the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Little Big Horn is approaching, I've decided to read up on the Sioux, Cheyenee and the events surrounding the battle.  My last read was "Red Cloud's War".  It ties into my current read a bit, "The Killing of Crazy Horse".  I'm about half way through it. Next on my list is a book on Custer.  It's a toss up whether I'll get one on his civil war service, or one on the last stand.

The son of the morning star by Evan S Connell is the finest account of the life of Custer, The Little Bighorn, its aftermath and what happened to the survivors.  There are others but I found this one outstanding. And yes I loaned it and can't get it back.

Good Troy:
Thanks...I'll get that next. 
I should finish up the Killing of Crazy Horse this week.



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