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Shotguns / Re: Original Winchester 1887
« Last post by Curtis264 on Today at 09:30:30 PM »
Finally got a chance to fire the old gun today, was a little worried so I put it in a lead sled with and used a wire to pull the trigger, and it worked perfectly. Fired about 20 black powder rounds through it. I am going to take it upland game hunting this fall. I haven't fired a black powder fiream in a long time, was impressed with the amount of smoke that came out
Tall Tales / Re: August nights Coffee and good company
« Last post by The Trinity Kid on Today at 08:51:13 PM »
Evening all.

Definitely smoky here. I got the call from Uncle Sam today that I’ll probably get activated to fight fires. Not quite as lucrative as my day job, but could be fun I suppose.

STORM / Re: 71-72 Uberti Open Top Problem
« Last post by 45 Dragoon on Today at 08:49:49 PM »
Of  course it's my opinion but a "single coil spring" (split washer) doesn't work well past SASS type loadings. If you're going to shoot regular or full power loads you need a solid spacer. I make mine from the head of a stainless steel #12 pan head  screw (Armys /Navys) and #14 for Walkers/Dragoons. The rounded head is "self centering" at the bottom of the arbor hole. Ultimately you end up with a solid spacer with full contact for harmonic transfer of force.  It allows you to shoot full loads ad nauseum.

CAS City Classifieds / Re: Uberti Cattleman NM 45
« Last post by Solomon Kane on Today at 08:39:28 PM »
3 clicker.
I have a 4 clicker but I wasn’t going to post it as it’s more worn.
The Leather Shop / Re: Holster plug
« Last post by Smokey Dave on Today at 08:37:59 PM »
That looks perfect Cliff.
Tall Tales / Re: August nights Coffee and good company
« Last post by Major E A Sterner on Today at 08:07:21 PM »
Evening Y'all, everyone must have had a busy day today.I was watching my grand daughters today and again tomorrow.Y'all have a good one.
I remember having a few drinks to the US of OZ Light Marine Horse that evening.  Ducks may have been involved . . .
STORM / Re: 71-72 Uberti Open Top Problem
« Last post by Kent Shootwell on Today at 06:49:28 PM »
But check the arbors.  ;D
STORM / Re: What to look for
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 06:08:04 PM »
Nice ,
 I had one much like , but mine was cut down from 7 1/2 inches and shot high...I note your front sight is higher than mine was.

The Leather Shop / Re: Holster plug
« Last post by Cliff Fendley on Today at 05:59:52 PM »
I start sewing at the top and when I get to the plug I continue around the front and end back at the bottom corner of the holster. One thread with two needles saddle stitched on the whole holster. You have to keep in mind your stitches are closter on the plug then the holster body. Also I double the toe plug, the thicker plug stays flat that way.

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