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Thanksgiving eve was very busy in produce at my Food Lion. Sold the most we ever had. Couldn’t get caught up so I ran over an hour at closing [produce closes between 6-7pm while the store is open to 10 i think]. I’m liking my 3-4 day /week job. Good place to work part time if you don’t need the money but I don’t like how they do quasi full time folks. The store will cut the workers hours if sales drop off. Some of the gals are supporting families and need those hours. Hoping everyone had a good Turkeyday and are getting ready for Santa.
Rita is to be home Wed and she is doing so much better.
Morning y'all.
Coffee, tea and eggnog are ready.

'Tis 23 and overcast. High of 38.

Prof., I looked up the Bowmar Rib you mentioned, and it sure looks like the mount hole pattern.
So, I'm assuming that what was mounted on there. But it is gone and just the holes remain.

However, what the guy is asking, you could get two Tisas GI's. 
We are just dug out of our first real blizzard of the season. Lasted 3 days and we are hoping it is the start of a good SouthWest El Nino,
Which might break our draught and replenish the wells!

Major the essex frankengun sound like my 2nd Govt Model… I bought an essex frame “silver cup” cheap and turned it into a bullseye pistol with serious aftermarket parts, slide / frame fitting, barrel bushing tightening, trigger tuning and an awesome Bowmar Rib! It shot REALLY well, surprised a buncha guys.

Sold it to a friend who needed it more than me , and it financed 2 more project 45’s.

Prof mumbles
Morning y'all.
Coffee, tea and eggnog are ready.

Sn*w overnight. 2" so far.

'Tis 25 and light flurries. "Snow showers in the morning  then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Snow accumulation up to 1 inch. Nearly steady temperature in the lower 30s. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow near 100 percent."

Rita is doing fine, sounds good, they decided to keep her till the IV med is done the middle of next week.  I know it sounds bad but not unhappy about that.
Gift ammo can be like Christmas morning (except for unknown reloads  ::))

I was given two boxes of 45ACP...
one is Federal Syntech 205 grain, the other Remington Ultimate Defense.
Not quite sure I'll shoot these any time soon  :-\

I also got two boxes of Fiocchi 32 ACP
and a box of Fiocchi 7.63 Mauser (think C96 pistol), These I will use save and reload.

In other news, todays visit to the friendly LGS, saw a WW2 era Remington 1911 slide on an Essex frame.
It had an aftermarket skeleton hammer, SS barrel, custom looking grip safety and an elongated and embellished slide lock.... 

Sadly, the slide had 4 holes drilled in the top for some sort of rail (not attached anymore)

The Consigner wants WAY too much for the Frankenstein Gun.
Morning y'all.
Coffee and tea are hot.

That's a good deal, Major. I was given a few boxes of the those Law enforcement only rounds. The head stamps are WCC +P+ 84.

'Tis 22 and sunny. High of 36.

I posted this in last months thread, but then the month ended, so if Y'all didn't see it...

I went to an Estate sale for a friend that passed away about 2 months ago, He was a long time reloader, I was able to pick up an unopened 25 Lb. bag of #9 shot, 150 rounds of 9mm Ball ammo, 100 Rounds of .38 special 110gr +P+ jacketed controlled expansion rounds(Law enforcement only) 4 boxes of match grade .22 LR a box of 10 CCI .38/.357 Shot shells, a speedloader for a S&W J-Frame and a Savage Arms Four Tenner shotgun adapter for the low price of $146.00 I have to go back Saturday to help them price some remaining items, There is a good sized box of new .45 Colt brass there,I'm guessing maybe 400 + pieces.
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