Author Topic: Division of Indian Muster August 19, 2023 After Action Report  (Read 509 times)

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Division of Indian Muster August 19, 2023 After Action Report
« on: August 25, 2023, 06:48:10 AM »
On August 19 the GAF Division of Indiana held our Muster. It was predicted to be a very warm day, so some members did not attend. There were 6 members who braved the prediction of hot weather and attended the Muster. There were 3 Skirmish runs followed by Precision Rifle.

The Muster began with registration at 9:00 AM. At 9:30 we had our Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag and a short prayer for safety. This was followed by a Safety Brief and then it was down range for the first skirmish run.

The Theme of the Muster was ”The Battle of the 13th Division.”. This was decided to be our theme because all of the skirmish runs had 13 rifle targets and the total pistol round count for all the skirmish runs was 13. The first skirmish run started behind a small house with the rifle. There were 3 common rifle targets from that point about 45 yards down range with one extra target that could only be seen from that advantage point. After shooting those 4 targets you moved forward to your left  to hide behind a crate wall to address those same common rifle targets and one new target that was not visible. from any other position Then it was farther forward to a well where you addressed those same 3 rifle targets and 2 new targets that were visible only from that position. Then it was forward a little more and you drew your pistol and shot the 4 pistol targets hidden in the creek and on the creek bank.

The second skirmish run began with pistol in hand loaded with 6 rounds. You shot a pistol target 15 yards away for score. The timer started on the first pistol shot, so the pistol was shot on the clock. You picked up your rifle from a wooden horse and began addressing 5 targets hidden in the woods from that same position. Then it was forward to find 2 more targets down range hiding behind trees. Forward again and up a little rise and there were 3 more targets hidden up a ravine. Forward again and to your right was a wall where you found one target in the creek and 2 more hidden behind crates.

The third skirmish run began on a wooden bridge over a small ravine.  You had to shoot 3 pistol targets from the bridge and if there were any extra rounds in the pistol, you shot them at the rifle targets. Several of our shooters were able to hit at least one of them with the pistol. Then  you had to holster the pistol before stepping off the bridge and retrieving your rifle and proceeding to a wooden horse. From that point you shot 4 rifle targets. The it was forward a little and there were 4 more rifle targets hidden on the hillside. Moving forward again there were 5 rifle targets with 4 of those inside our movable building walls.

The Precision Rifle was shot in the open at paper targets for string score. I worked to limit the amount of travel each shooter had to walk in expectation of the hot forecast. Everyone had a great time and several expressed that it was a fun skirmish!

Here are the Results of the Muster:

Military Repeater

1. Duane Butt (Buckshot Butt)
2. Dewayne Liebrandt
3. Larry Gardner (Lorenzo Lane)
4. Tod Lane (Whitehorse)

Single Shot Black Powder

1. Chuck Luetkemeyer (Drydock)
2. Rex Young (Pocket Hunter)

Precision Pistol

1. Rex Young
2. Chuck Luetkemeyer
3. Duane Butt
4. Dewayne Liebrandt
5. Tod Lane
6. Larry Gardner

Precision Rifle

1. Dewayne Liebrandt
2. Rex Young
3. Larry Gardner
4. Duane Butt
5. Tod Lane
6. Chuck Luetkemeyer

Muster Champion

Duane Butt

Congratulation to Duane Butt for a fantastic shoot and being our Muster Champion! He was also the quickest overall for the day on every skirmish run. Our next Muster will be September 30, 2023. It is an Expansion Era Muster. We will have members who will be shooting normal GAF Era as well. So come on over and enjoy shooting in the shade of the woods in Indiana. Take care for now and God bless!

One in Christ,
Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel Department of the Atlantic

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Re: Division of Indian Muster August 19, 2023 After Action Report
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And congratulations to all of you for keeping the faith.


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