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Happy Birthday to the grumpy old Coosie,May you have many more.
The Barracks / Holdrege NE Gunshow 12/9-10
« Last post by LongWalker on Today at 06:59:17 PM »
Anyone going?  I figure to be there sometime Saturday, schlepping around various pieces.  (Still looking for the pistol of my dreams . . . and a better trapdoor!)

Yancy Fielder here - Life SAS 85661, with an original 1865 Spencer 56-50.  Joining to obtain info wrt the rifle, conversion to center fire, and loads. 

 :) RRio  ;)

AMEN!!  That two position Base Pin is annoying at the least.  Even after it has been shortened, the latch consistently drops into the first notch.  Total annoyance.  I've kept mine but am leaning more and more toward a pair of Uberti base pins without the two position stupidity.
Colt Firearms / Re: 2nd Generation series F parts all use Uberti parts?
« Last post by Galen on Today at 06:12:51 PM »
So Colt lied? When the 2nd generation was introduced all the gun writers claimed they were colt made with the original machinery.

 :) Lonesome  ;)

I'm not really trying to be Snarky (actually, I am).  In all too many instances, Uberti parts don't necessarily interchange with "other" Uberti.  And there are subtle differences between OEM Uberti and the Second Generation and Signature were shipped to Imperato "in the white" with no finish work or assembly work done.  ALL of the fitting and finishing was done by the Imperato crew here.  There is NO WAY the guns finished here would be comparable with Uberti production.  The jigs and set-up would of necessity, be very different.  The manufacturing time frame is also entirely different, utilizing a lot of different and upgraded machine tooling.  Ergo, trying to mix and match those parts is a complete waste of time.
Uberti, Pietta and other SAA Clones / Re: Cimarron's Teddy Roosevelt Colt
« Last post by RRio on Today at 05:43:47 PM »
:)  RRio  ;)

That there is a righteous fine looking TR replica.  REALLY nice.  I notice, in your photo it has the knurled assembly screw for the Base Pin.  Somewhere in the box, should be the correct flush fitting screw for the Base Pin.  Often stuck thru a small hole in the cardboard.  Although Pietta is more prone to fitted foam for box interiors.

I sent an email to Cimarron and told them I was missing the flush mount screw, they sent a replacement that week.

Now if we could get Pietta to make the groove all around the base pins in all guns, we'd be defecating in tall fibrous vegetation.    ;D
:) Oh Sooper Kool!!  ;)

Turns out I can has Cheeseburger too!!  Also as long as we use grilled sweet onion, I can even has mine wid ONION!!  Oh Yum (n-mebbie a li'l rasher of Bacon onnit two).

Ahhhh yessss
Sweet onion is a well known pharmacueticsl pharmecutikle remedy!
Made her shrimp and mushroom pizza last night.  Lodge 15", Lodge sells pizza pans but these work fine.
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