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38 Long Colt Ballon head cases

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Has anyone out there had trouble decapping  old balloon head cases? Have 25 have had trouble with. I don't think the decapping pins are long enough  to push the old primers out as they look deeper than solid head cases. I broke a pin trying to do the job. Also wonder if they are safe for Trail Boss powder.

Should not make a difference.  Sure they're not Berdan cases?

Drydock, thanks for the reply,  all I know is it looks like the primer pockets are deeper than a solid head. I forgot to say they are old WRA. CO cases,  and I've loaded for years and never seen this before, if I can't deprime them I sure can't reload them.
Thanks Drydock.

Hmmmm.  25 cases.  Not sure they would be worth the aggravation.  Not that this helps the OP at all.  Nope.  Nada.

Play Safe out There

Bunk Stagnerg:
somewhere on the shelf is most of a cigar box full of balloon head .45 Colt cases. I can't do much with them because they do not have the extractor groove like new cases do. They are almost rimless and unless I want to dig out the Ideal tong tool they will stay in the box.
Things change
Yr' Obt' Svt'



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