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Baltimore Ed:
Anyone know of any .45CS brass availability? Thinking that I’d like to get 100 for my Marlin trapper as it has issues with Schofield brass sometimes. Got 25 pcs from a bud and have gotten them to feed as long as the oal is 1.275 with 180 or 200 gr RNFP bullets. I’m crimping in the grease groove. Thx.

I may have some, but I am traveling until next week. Remind to look when I get home if you haven't found any by then.

Baltimore Ed:
Thanks for the offer Deacon but Beartooth gave me 25 pcs at last Saturday’s BAMM to experiment with and as I seem to be getting good results using an oal of 1.295-1.300 inch with 255 gr swc bullets I’ve back ordered 250 from starline. I couldn’t find any anywhere, Majordeux suggested starline so I called them and talked to a nice gal who took my money but couldn’t tell me when they would make a run of them just that they would. ‘Only the Shadow knows.’

Decided to move my CS reloading to my Dillon 550 that is dedicated to .45acp/AR so I experimented with the ar shellplate. Turns out you can use the AR shellplate for .45colt/cs but I was only seating primers halfway due to the thicker rim of the ar. So then I tinkered with making the primer stem longer by reshaping the set screw point and lowering the radius on the bottom of the stem to get it higher. Dropped a no 9 shot in the hole too. So now it primes thin rim cs/45colt brass fine. But then it was too high for the priming tube and the cup was hitting the next primer in the tube not slipping under it. So then I replaced the white plastic primer stop with a little larger diameter piece of brass rod with a round end instead of the taper that the plastic had. The extra height from the brass was enough to get the primer cup to depress the brass stop and slide under the stack of primers to pick one up. The brass rod then returns to hold up the primer stack. Loaded 30 rounds and its working fine. No need to buy another shellplate. Another wrinkle has surfaced though. I have added a spring between the arm and bench to raise the shellplate a hair. It gives me a little more clearence between the primer cup with s primer in it and surface of the shellplate but allows me to seat the primer fully.

Cowboy .45 Spl brass can be made from .45 Colt brass.  I've even used .44-40 brass in a pinch.  I have a fixture set up that allows me to rim a bunch of cases on a band saw then use a case trimmer to trim to final length.  You shouldn't have any problems seating primer using a .45 Colt shellplate on a 550.  That's exactly what I use. 


 :)  Well  ;)

Wabac inna Wabac (Thank you Sherman and the Professor) I was making my own C45S and 45 Squirt (For Squirt, start with 45 Schofield).  Set my Shop Smith lathe function up with a Jig.  Worked a treat.  Only found one problem.  When you cut down 45 colt or 45 Schofield, you wind up in the "fat" part of the brass and it doesn't Obturate well at all.  Yule get some Blow-By.  Starline C45S thins a bit at the mouth and seals the chamber some better.  Not perfect, but "better."

Play Safe Out There



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