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i am a handloader with 50 years of handloading experience, i have a nice marlin 1893 made in 1901, i want to load it will real BP i have loaded 44WCF and 45 colt, but no other cartridge applications. i hear a lot of people use a wad over under the bullet. is that necessary for some reason other than using lighter charges and compression? is it fin not to use a wad as long as the powder is compressed?


 :) Hi Olskoold   ;)

Loading a wad under the bullet for 38-55 makes no sense.  It accomplishes nothing.  If trying to use a reduced load, the remaining space is taken up by a filler.  I happen to like Cream-0-Wheat.

I don't even see where a "Lube Cookie" would be beneficial.  Or even useful.  Over time would contaminate the propellant.

It is important to load a bullet that carries sufficient lube to carry all the way thru the barrel.  Skip any wads.

I do admit, I cheat somewhat.  I load 38-55 with APP.  No wad, No lube, No grease cookie, strictly a "nude" bullet.  Super Fine.

Play Safe Out There

thanks coffinmaker, yea i don't see any reason either. i have a boolit ordered from accurate molds with big designed lube grooves. i tried to get a hold of Dick at  big mav. lube boolits but never got and answer. is he still in business.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Cap'n Redneck:
I would like to state there are wads, and then there are wads.

If Your previous experience with .44WCF and .45 Colt has been limited to revolvers You may find that Your BP loading techniques have to be refined a little.

If Your Accurate Mold-bullet holds enough lube to leave a "lube-star" on the face of the muzzle, then You are okay.

If not, and precision declines after a few rounds Your .38-55 would probably benefit from a lubed wad or even a "grease-cookie" between bullet and powder. 

That's where Coffinmaker's caveat comes into play:  unless You place a round card (can be cut from a milk-carton) between the powder and the wad/cookie the lube will migrate into the powder and give erratic results.  (It is also sound advise to store the cartridges with the bullet down, in a cool place.) 

At the other end You would want a round newspaper-card or two between bullet and wad to prevent the lubed wad from sticking to the rear of the bullet once it leaves the muzzle.

A round milk-carton card is often used by itself between bullet and powder to act like the copper "gas-checks" that are common with smokeless high-power rifle lead bullets.

Mike Venturino & Steve Garbe (of SPG BP lube) have authored a Reloading Primer directed at BP Metallic Silhouette shooters, and they list two loadings for .38-55: 
1st.:  41 grains of FFg, milk carton card, Lyman 250 grain bullet cast from 1-30 tin/lead alloy.
2nd.:  46 grains of FFFg, milk carton card, Hoch Custom 310 grain bullet cast from same 1-30 alloy.
(these loads were made for a single-shot Win. High-Wall, and may be too long for the Marlin repeater; reduce powder to suit.)
The Reloading Primer does not specify what make of BP was used for these loadings, but I would recommend either Swiss Blackpowder or Old Eynsford, as these are the two most clean-burning real blackpowders.

As Your 50 years of reloading experience have probably already taught You: Your Mileage May Vary.

Ranch 13:
 You'll need to try loads with and without, but chances are pretty good that using a .030 fiber wad under the bullet will give you better accuracy due to keeping the bullet base from being deformed and allowing for gas cutting the sides of the bullet.



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