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40-60 neck size die?

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 Have a Lee FL. die , been ground down some ( don't know how much ) , would like to make a neck size'n die out of it , any one " been there , done that ", if so could I get the OAL of the die , after it was ( is ) ground down. Thanks.

  coffee's ready ,, Hootmix.

Just throwing this out there.

An alternative is to make a neck size bushing for a Lee Universal Expander die. The Lee universal expander dies are versatile,  very affordable and can be adapted to many uses.  I needed a neck sizer for my .44-77. So I made a sizer bushing for the Lee die. It works perfectly. Its easy to make if you have a lathe. It could even be done with just a drill press. Or any machinist can easily make one for you.  I can provide the length and OD of the bushing if you'd like.

ndnchf ,, that sir is a very nice ideal , are we talking about our standard expander die or a separate type die ? I do have a lathe ,, and  I believe I can make a sizer bushing ,, Thank you . ;)

  coffee's ready

The Lee Universal expander die that comes with the pointy inserts.

I make my own stepped expander plugs for them too. The way they come, they really are flaring dies with those pointy plugs. But the bodies can be used for many things. I have at least a dozen of them I set up for specific purposes.

Here is a little drawing of the bushing I made. The length and OD are what you need. Make this inside to suit your needs. Also a couple pics I took while making it.

Just FYI, here is a 2-step expander plug I made for a .44 S&W American cartridge.  The 1st step expands to .002" under bullet size. The 2nd step to .003" over bullet size. The 2nd step only goes about .050" into the case. The lets the bullet start easily into the case without over-flaring it.



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