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Can anybody tell me if an American hat co. hat is a decent hat? All it says on the sweatband is 4x quality.
The reason I ask is I’d like to follow Delmonico’s instructions, and reshape it.
It’s now a cattleman crease, and I hope to make it like Selleck wore in Crossfire Trail.
Thanks a lot!

Kent Shootwell:
I don’t know the brand and the 4X isn’t a standard among hatters , each having their own grading. But if it feels firm and holds it shape while being handled then it’s about price. The important part is all you need is a tea kettle and your hands to shape a felt hat.

 Thanks Kent. Yes its pretty stiff.

River City John:
Used to be 10X was the top grade for beaver felt hats.
That grading has gone by the wayside as far being meaningful as hat manufacturers combined other fibers and starches. Nutria fur becoming widely used.

Most authentic brimmed hats of the era when worn outdoors as working headgear rapidly took on a shapeless lump on the top of the head.
Delmonico down in The Cosie Forum was a professional hat shaper for The Old West Shoppe. Look him up here in CAS City.

The typical modern cowboy hat with the cattleman crease might not have a tall enough crown nor wide enough brim to get the hat like Selleck's.  But you can make a smaller version perhaps and still look good.

This is an old Eddy Bros. hat, 4x I think, that I got cheap on ebay and reshaped from its cattleman crease. 



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