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40-60 bullet weight?


I am in the process of purchasing a Chaparral 1876.  I know of prior bad press of the manufacturer.  I bought one of the first five that were in this country.  This rifle has been totally reworked internally to be reliable in function, etc.  My question is that since the twist rate is 1-22 compared to original guns at 1-40, what bullet weight would be best to start at?  The original guns shot a 210gr bullet because of the slow twist.  With the faster twist, I would think a 240gr-260gr might be a better choice.  I do load BP and do not plan on using smokeless.  I am planning on trying between .406-.409 diameters.  The barrel length is 28".
Thank you for any information or suggestions given.
Chas B

 Several folks on here shoot the 40-60 ,, I use 210-218 gn.  .407-.408 Dia. w/ smokeless ,, others will be along & add to your request .

  coffee's ready ,, Hootmix.


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