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Two Bit Charlie:
I only use Winchester AA shells for both SASS and NCOWS. I recently acquired some gray AA shells. Are they any different then the red AA Shells? Can I reload them the same as the red AA shells? Can I mix them in with the red AA shells with out a problem?

Reed "Two-Bit Charlie" Van Ness

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
They are the same. AAs come in several colours; The most common is red, but grey is next. I usually select differing colours for different loads, i.e. Red for 7/8 or 1 oz. practise & competition, and Grey for 1 1/8 oz. handicap. I had some red with very low brass heads. I used some of these for #9 shot for some small Sporting Clay targets. Once I found a box or two of dark red which I loaded up 1 1/4 oz of #6 for field use. I think they made some up in black?

Two Bit Charlie:
Thanks for the info Sir Charles. I may keep the grays for black powder.

Reed "Two-Bit Charlie" Van Ness

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I find that Remington shells load similarly to the AAs, especially with BP. I settled on the Remington Nitro 27s for BP. The gold colour simulated brass hulls. Then I bought some real brass hulls.

Lucky R. K.:

I also have found that both the AA'S and the STS hulls work just fine with black powder. Maybe it is just me but it seems the Remington's hold up a bit better.




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