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Bought one of these on line about a month ago.  Showed up yesterday.  Set it up after work, and in around a half hour annealed over 200 Krag cases, and 100 Starline .45-70.  Quality unit, well though out, easy to use, good price.  I like it, and makes preserving some of my oddball brass far easier.  I ran the torch off a 20lb camper bottle.  Plenty of hose in the machine to let me set the bottle on the floor with the unit on my loading bench.


 :)  Hickory Dickory . . Doc   ;)

I must admit to having been very tempted by this little unit.  Very Tempted indeed.  The las time I sat down with my really frugal (CHEAP) set-up, it was a couple of hours of sheer boredom.  Also made my back hurt (old guy).  Work has always fascinated me.  Could sit and watch it all day.  I could sit and watch the little machine anneal for me all day too!!  Hummmmmmmm

Stay Safe Out There

I went back out there later in the evening and loaded up every piece of Krag and 45-70 brass I had left and ran them thru.  The dang thing is mesmerizing! 

Have something metallic close by to dump the catch tray in.  It fills up fast!

Major 2:
Tempting most tempting, I've never been there but looks like I could afford the t-Shirt



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