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Okay, I have a Lee Load all for 20 gauge. I am looking at either getting a conversion kit for it in 12 Gauge. But, I hear most folks like the Mec loaders a lot better. What are the pros and cons? Thanks

From what I've seen, it might be easier to find another Load All in 12 gauge. 

Primary advantage of MECs over Lee seems to be speed of production, better support, and possibly more flexibility. 

Professor Marvel:
My Dear Deacon

MEC s are strong, robust, a miniature assembly line and pricey, and usually come with
One or two of the needed bushings. The bottles come off and sometimes get misplaced or something else unfortunate.

Lee s are compact, somewhat weaker, made of aluminum and breakable plastic,
But they come with ALL the bushings for every load and powder, and the bottles are integral. And they are quite cheap.

I had the MEC and loved it when I shot trap several times a week.
The Lee is just fine for a few boxes a month. And its easier to experiment with loads.

When I quit the trap club. I sold the MEC and the Rem 1100 ‘s and barrels and  got a Lee and put the extra money into components ... Sticking with pump and old doubles now.  I have Made many of cases of shells with the Lee and it hasnt broke yet!
And I can use the Lee to make 2” shells ... kinda harder with the MEC.

Hope this helps
Prof marvel

I have two MECs and one Lee. There is no comparison.  While I like Lee dies, their shotshell load designers need to up their game.

My Lee Loadall II has made fine BP shotshells for over 20 years.  But I only use it for BP.  Takes me around 30 minutes per box.  I have loaded a few smokeless just to try it, but I buy my smokeless shells.  If I was loading smokeless and needed to load more volume, I'd probably look to upgrade.



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