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1849 Colt project

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Kent Shootwell:
This Colt was tagged as needed work, that’s nearly a fool proof way to draw me in.
The issues,
Wedge missing and a brass rivet beat in its place.
Wedge screw missing.
Loading lever broken, parts missing.
Main spring missing.
Arbor bent, barrel points left.
Back strap screws replaced with zinc plated pan head screws.
Hammer screw replaced with incorrect short screw.
Hand spring weak.

Of coarse I bought it and have been making and fixing pieces parts for it after a thorough cleaning. I have found out that it was made in 1860 and all numbers match.
IMG_0631 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Be Happy In Your Work! it's not like you are destroying "collectoers value".

Kent, I am a sucker for "mud puppies" like that too! Mine are usually S&W K frames though. Good luck!

Major 2:
Ditto to what the good Deacan said...

I love project guns ...

Baltimore Ed:
Gotta love a 160 year old challenge. If it could only talk. A very neat project Kent, good luck. My old choice of a project gun was the Colt Woodsman but in my retirement it’s been milsurp rifles. Keep us posted.



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