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'51 Navy Barrel Question

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Curious what the 'oversize' bore is....should nominally be .375.

If Pietta barrel fits it, that's what you should use as the Uberti and Pietta are made to different specs......Uberti is made to actual Colt specs while Pietta is made to some they got from lord knows where.  generally parts do not interchange from these two.

VTI is the best source for parts for both and are very knowledgeable, i would contact them and see if they can point you in the correct direstion.

Standpat Steve:
I'll ask my friend to slug the two barrels in question, if he can. I learned the other day that the .375 bore measurement is to the outside of the grooves, while modern measurements are to the inside of the lands (hope I said that right).

Standpat Steve, SASS #113, Calif.


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