Author Topic: Winchester 1894 Reloading Tool use and Info??  (Read 71 times)

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Winchester 1894 Reloading Tool use and Info??
« on: October 28, 2021, 02:25:50 PM »
I acquired one of these tools in 30/30 at a good price and in very good internal condition.  I think, I figured out, just how it should work but it does not have a primer punch-out pin, so not completely functionable.  Will be making one -- once I OR if I can figure out the proper lengths for complete sizing plus de-priming but short of crimping.

I believe this was the first or second fully resizing tool Winchester offered.  Maybe second because of the 1891 'screw bar tool' (proper name don't you know). ???

So after general cleaning, I tried to drop a sized 30/30 (RCBS resizer) and a brand new Winchester piece of brass into the sizing/loading/crimping chamber.  New brass stopped about 1/4" from bottoming in/on mouth of the chamber(this seems excessive even taking the crimp into consideration); resized was out even further.  Then I tried to fully seat a piece of brass to check the crimp and what would happen overall.  When I got the nearly frozen stuck chamber separated from the upper handle the brass was scratched at the base and definitely re-resized.

So, where resizing dimensions smaller back a hundred years ago from present times OR what am I seeing????  The chamber is not dented or altered.

Anyone else play or use one of these to reload rounds?

Any comments or insight will be appreciated.
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