Author Topic: KVC Shoot at Duck Creek January 5, 2014  (Read 11393 times)

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KVC Shoot at Duck Creek January 5, 2014
« on: December 26, 2013, 10:36:29 AM »
Thought I'd try to get an early start on reminders for 1st KVC Shoot of 2014. Wife tells me she is going shopping in KC that weekend. So El Guapo and I will be on our own for the weekend. Any one who wishes to venture down to Duck Creek early (Saturday) and spend the night is welcome to do so. Bring a cot and a blanket. We have a couple army cots available.  Sleeping arrangements are dormitory style in a heated garage. Shower available, please bring your own towel.
Safety meeting Sunday morning 9:30 shooting starts at 10:00. 5 shooting stages, 50 rifle and 50 pistol rounds should be sufficient. If all works out there will be one primitive weapon stage (knife, tomahawk, archery) in addition to shooting stages. Primitive weapons supplied. Bring you own if you have them.
Lunch served Sunday $4.00 a head. Menu includes Chicken and home made noodles, ham and potato soup, fresh bread, relishes, lots of hot Arbuckles coffee.
Current long range forecast calls for sunny, highs in the low 40's. Will update weather info as it becomes available.

Contact info: Telephone 620-341-1856, email


Weather update for 1-5-14

Expect range to be snow covered and footing to be somewhat slippery. We are forecast to receive another 1-3 inches of snow on Saturday. Temperatures Sunday are expected to top out in low to mid teens. I have 6 stages planned but if we need to take warm up breaks between stages we may not get to all 6. One stage does require movement between shooting positions. We can modify  or skip that stage all together if weather conditions warrant.  Intend to have shooting completed by 3pm as I know some of you have to travel.

Hope to see you there
Duck Creek


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