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I realize powder coating is a fad, but wouldn't that be an acceptable "lube" (not a lube but a coating that would reduce lead fouling) alternative fo heeled bullets?

Though the addition of a "shell" to the bullet would Chad its dimensions therefore would probably not allow it to fit as nicely in the cylinder.
This has been a “sticky” here since March of 2018……SMH

Hey Hoof!
You are still above ground!
Good to see you posting!!!!

Prof Marvel
The Darksider's Den / Re: Goex sold.
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 03:44:51 AM »
Hooray !

Estees has a pretty good reputation. Smart move on their part.
Now Estes can take over the lucrative Govt contracts for BP....

prf mumbles
The Barracks / Re: '03 Springfield Stocks
« Last post by Cap'n Redneck on Today at 03:10:14 AM »
Question for Y'all;
Were the straight '03 stocks made in several different lengths-of-pull?
I have one made in March 1918 based on the serialnumber, it has 12-3/4" length-of-pull, and the bolt will poke me in the eye when I work it...
The Barracks / Re: '03 Springfield Stocks
« Last post by LongWalker on Yesterday at 11:34:06 PM »
I picked up 30-40 milsurp stocks last spring, but was mostly focused on a couple of the Mauser stocks.  I might have a couple of straight Springfield stocks, pretty sure there are some scant stocks too.  All of them would take some work, but are probably usable or good donors. 
Also found this...

This has the conical mold I was referencing, so I wasn't too far off, I believe it recommends sizing the bullet using a "pincher" sizer.

And the dipping of finished cartridge in lube of paraffin or otherwise fills the void I was trying to fill.

I really appreciate all the help!!
The Darksider's Den / Re: Goex sold.
« Last post by Dave T on Yesterday at 09:04:28 PM »
Most model rockets are indeed powered by a remixed form of Black Powder, usually wet mixed with a retardant such as powdered aluminum, and Goex has supplied much of the base powder for it.  They (Estes) ought to be well versed in the processes of grinding and mixing powder.

I would venture to say that powder for rocketry is probably a larger market than firearms powder in this country, probably behind only government consumption.  This would include fireworks rockets.

Well hush my mouth!  The things an old phart can learn if he just shuts up and listens/reads.  LOL

CAS City Classifieds / Re: WTS 03 Springfield 30-06
« Last post by Robert Swartz on Yesterday at 07:10:02 PM »
Springfield in great condition. Works flawlessly has a new criterion barrel on it with about 35 rounds through it. Has a new S stock as well. Fantastic gun that I just don’t shoot very much. $1050 shipped to your ffl. Thanks for looking and happy new year
I would also be interested in trading for a non race 73 pistol grip rifle in 45lc.
I can send pictures via email or text just let me know

....this an WW1 1903, not an 03A3? I am looking for an 1903?
CAS City Classifieds / gone, thanks
« Last post by yahoody on Yesterday at 05:45:59 PM »
gone, thanks!
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Tom Horn
« Last post by shrapnel on Yesterday at 05:37:15 PM »
Tony responded to my email. He said he has not got around to making the sights, plans to, not sure when.

You don't have top wait for Tony, you can get them here and they are the best reproduction you will find...
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