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USA or parts? How to tell?


Work in progress and happy to add to the list if you have something else that works for you.
Sorry about the link but I wanted/needed some where handy to organized and store the incoming data without thread drift.


Feel free to comment or simply Drift away here :)

Link is fixed.
Some pictures there and the details not yet discussed in public.
Devil's in the details.

USFA frame and loading gate

Uberti frame and loading gate

Rodeo Romeo:
If I may;
Rodeo Sheriff is SMA
Rodeo Shopkeeper is SKA
"Sheriff bisley hammer/old ivory grips/circled US/long fluted", is Sheriff Special


Rodeo Romeo:
Quick ID, what I look for in online listings with limited photos;

USA front sight blade rear vertical line 90° to barrel.
Import rear line angled slightly ahead toward muzzle.

USA hammer spur lower line profile, from spur tip to hammer body,
 heavier "S" more pronounced belly.
Import lower line slightly leaner more suttle "S".

USA frame loading cut out junction, where loading gate meets lower cut out line,
 cut out line is rounded and flowing.
Import frame cut out line angles at this junction, has a slight peak.

Good stuff Romeo.  Pretty subtle for most.

I have added a study of a Uberti that is of unknown origin past the frame's and barrel's maker, to the blog that should be helpful for some.  Certainly was educational for me.  And just how easy ti is to be fooled by a purty gun :)


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