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STORM / Re: Which Colt conversion?
« Last post by Kent Shootwell on Today at 07:20:37 PM »
45 Colt, mostly because it is available in a 1860 type two.
Rats! I really wanted to give your 44 a whirl! To far? Everything is far in the west, I even pack salt into the bases of bullets to preserve the meat till I can walk over to retrieve game.
STORM / Re: Which Colt conversion?
« Last post by Black River Smith on Today at 07:06:43 PM »

I have been down and out for the last few days, since I last posted.  I see your last posting, so did you stay with the 44 caliber or go a different direction?  If so what caliber?  Just curious.

Your offer would have been considered but since you already placed an order, it is now moot.  You also live to far away.  ;D

Hope your choice is to your satisfaction and shooting skills, when it arrives
The Barracks / Re: 7mm Mauser
« Last post by Niederlander on Today at 05:47:23 PM »
I don't think you'll have to worry about a buffalo killing round with Trail Boss.  I shoot Trail Boss loads in a Krag carbine, and I'm not sure there IS any recoil.  It makes a '94 saddle ring carbine a fun shooter, too.
STORM / Re: What to look for
« Last post by DeaconKC on Today at 04:57:27 PM »
I have first look at it when it arrives. My LGS is a good one, so I can not take it if I so desire.
I occasionally  shoot a 1870’s Colt with 20gr of 2f BP and a small portion of a cotton ball stuffed in case under the bullet ..I reload though.

The Barracks / Re: 7mm Mauser
« Last post by Whitehorse Lane on Today at 04:30:25 PM »
For me Trail Boss opened a whole new enjoyment level with Milsurps   :)

I had a Spanish 1916 Mauser that had been re-barreled in .308 that I use 11 Grains of TB and 165 grain bullet
I sold it and kinda have mix feeling about that  ::) 

But I continue with 30/40 Krag, 30'06 and 303 British and also 8mm Label.

You are on the right road with your load , have chronograph it yet ?

Staying under 1400 FPS and GC are optional. Also you might try Hi-Tech coated bullets.

I ALWAYS have mixed feelings when a gun leaves, even when I hate the darn thing lol. Sold a Mini 14 decades ago I could never get to shoot even to my low standards.. Felt bad afterwards. Sold an AK during the Clinton ban, I liked the gun, but made of a grand on it.. Even with that I had regrets..

I do not have access to a chronograph alas.

Your 11 grain .308 load seems like a starting point
The Barracks / Re: 7mm Mauser
« Last post by Whitehorse Lane on Today at 04:24:44 PM »
According to the ballistician I talked to, the Trail Boss load is as follows.  Figure out where the base of the bullet will be in the case.  Fill the case with Trail Boss to that line.  Weigh the charge in the case.  That's the load.  Compressing it won't hurt you,  but it certainly doesn't help anything, either.  Of course you can chronograph the load, but I really doubt you'll have anything to worry about in that regard.  I'd recommend a gas check bullet.  It's probably just me, but I've never had much luck with plain base bullets in anything .30 and below.

I have some 168 grain cast lead hollow points with gas checks. Seated for an overall length of 3.001" it came out to 16 grains of TB.
Is that a max load? I have no way to chronograph. The rifle has a 29" barrel, it is an 08 Mauser so it should be the 3 lug version I think, so pretty strong.

But I'm kinda looking for plinking type rounds as opposed to killing buffalo at half a mile. I know it can be done I saw Costner kill a charging bull at that distance with a Henry in Dances with wolves so...  ;D
And I don't want to poke holes in the Range's steel targets either

The Barracks / Re: 7mm Mauser
« Last post by Whitehorse Lane on Today at 04:12:28 PM »
Are you looking for a 7mm RB?
I might be, ...
STORM / Re: What to look for
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Today at 03:38:54 PM »

 :)  Ha   ;)

Not really.  Just a "normal" function check.  Uberti hides their flaws really well behind a well crafted facade.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Have maximum fun with it.
STORM / Re: Which Colt conversion?
« Last post by Kent Shootwell on Today at 03:36:06 PM »
Thanks for all your thoughtful advice. A order has been placed.
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