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If You Could Be a LEO in the Old West, Who Would You Be?

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Since I like to travel and move around Wyatt Earp would be my choice ;D

O.T. Buchannan:
Bass Reeves.


Without a doubt; it would be

Seth Bullock

Buffalo Creek Law Dog:
Superintendant James Morrow Walsh of the North West Mounted Police, who were outnumbered by Sitting Bull and his Sioux followers by 20 to 1 when they came to Canada after the Little Big Horn episode.  Yet, he kept them in check from 1877 to 1881 when the Sioux finally returned to the States.  Walsh was known as "Sitting Bull's Boss". He is the only white man to have literally kicked Sitting Bull in the ass and lived to tell about it (this happened at NWMP Wood Mountain Post).

Utah Bob:
Bill Tilghman I belive.



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