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*** Spencer Shooting Society POSTING GUIDELINES ***


Two Flints:
Recent issues regarding the correct and proper use of the Spencer Shooting Society, as a discussion forum, require that I present the following Posting Guidelines for the benefit of all concerned.
As a discussion forum, the Spencer Shooting Society, was established so that individuals would have a place to visit for the exchange of information about Spencer Firearms, be they original or reproduction models. Frivolous posting will not be tolerated, and individuals who attempt to use SSS as a forum to vent their personal gripes and frustrations towards other members of SSS and Cas City or any organization or company connected with Cowboy Action Shooting, will see their posts deleted immediately, and their membership in the Spencer Shooting Society placed under probationary status and subject to review for possible termination.

Anyone who feels that a posted message in SSS is objectionable, inflammatory, derogatory, or innaccurate in any way is encouraged to notify the administrators or moderator of this forum immediately.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or why they were posted, please feel free to send me a personal message.


Two Flints


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