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Pizen Switch:
After 12 years, I finally was able to pick up a Uberti Military style in .45 Colt   ;D ;D

Just picked up one in 45 Colt about a month ago.

Waco kid:
I did some trading and got my Henry. It?s a Cimarron civil war addition with markings, and sling swivels. It is chambered in 45 colt. It just dropped in my lap.

Just ordered a Uberti Iron framed Henry in 45 LC, love the history of the rifle. Also just bought a Uberti 1866 also in 45LC

Phil Morris:
I was fortunate to pick up a Uberti Cimarron 1866 Saddle Ring Carbine in 38 special this week.

I also added a Uberti/Navy Arms Henry Military model in 44-40 to the stable a few weeks ago (08/21).



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