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1860 Henry Shooter Roll Call (JOIN HERE)

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Rapid Lee:

Sign me up too, please!  I've had a Military Henry in 44-40 for some time now; I never polish the brass, just wipe it down and it's starting to get a really nice patina on it.  I keep a replica break down cleaning rod in the butt that I use at the end of each match.  I've been getting the itch to send it off to Happy Trails (The Smith Shop) to have it converted to the Transitional model... ;D


Oh, wanted to mention that I kinda like assigning roster numbers; I just think it makes your membership a little more authentic ;)

Ottawa Creek Bill:
Me too!!


Sam Perfye:
Okay, sign me up. I've been shooting my Henry for main & side matches for 5-6 years. Made the switch to BP (30 gr. of APP) last year, what a hoot! Hope to have it converted to 44 Russ. by springtime.

Sod Buster:
I don't have one yet but am shoppin' fer one.  Can you count me since I don't have one yet??

Count me in. I have an older Navy Arms (Uberti) 1860 Henry with the sling swivels in very nice shape. 44/40  Love it



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