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Cimarron 1878 Coach Gun, 12ga


Cotton Eye Joe:
Good evening!

I wanted to give a short review of the Cimarron 1878 coach gun that was sorta MIA for a few years, but started being sold again earlier this year.  I bought this shotgun off of Buds, the standard blued finish, 20 inch barrels, 12 gauge.  I'll also make a few comments to compare it to another Cimarron 1878 that I bought in 2017. 

Keeping it quick, I'll say I'm really pleased with this shotgun.  I don't have any real complaints, and it can hit clays no problem if you're into moving targets  ;)   Just like the shotgun I bought in 2017, it's once again made in China, stamped P.R.C. if you can believe it!  They added some checking to the grip, but otherwise there is not real huge difference.  Same hammers, same golden bead front site, same buttplate, etc.  I was happy to see Buds selling it for $600 on the nose, which is cheap considering some of the levers I typically find myself looking at.  None of the parts feel loose or flimsy, and I'd say it's something you can confidently bring to a match and not have to worry about.  That's about it, thanks for your time!


 :) Hey Joe  ;)

That be rather GOOD NEWS.  I haven't been paying much attention was was unaware Cimarron was again receiving the Chinese "78 replica. 

In the past, the gun is/was a very serviceable Hammer Double.  From the standpoint of a Gunplumber, I considered them the best "Value for Dollar" in the marketplace. 


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