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Ruger/Marlin 1895 Trapper


I couldn't help it. I bought one.  :)

Fit and finish was very nice and the action quite smooth from the factory. The dealer had 10 of these of which I handled several and saw the same QC consistency between all I handled, in fact I doubt there was a lick of difference among them.

The 45-70 caliber Trapper model is balanced nicely. It comes up naturally to the shoulder where the Skinner rear peep sight helps makes target acquisition fast and easy. The Trapper length barrel enables the rifle to handle easily without any heaviness out front. This rifle or perhaps more appropriately this carbine, swings effortlessly and will make a great brush gun. Deer or hogs and anything larger should be fair game with this.

5 in the mag, 1 in the chamber. Not a horribly low load out for this caliber. Rounds slide in past loading gate like butter.  Rifle cycles smoothly without any hiccups. Recoil is not abusive as the recoil pad is thick. Muzzle blast is exciting without being unbearable. Ammo used for initial few rounds was Lever Evolution 325 grain FTX. I did not pattern this at any range as the evening was getting on and time was short but the rifle held true to minute of gallon water jug at about 20 yards. And what a display that is!  ;D

The muzzle is threaded for a brake or suppressor but is capped to protect threads when not in use by a muzzle end cap that blends very well into the barrel.

The price is higher than past Marlin guns I've purchased but it's coming down as availability is growing. This is a great offering from Ruger/Marlin for what this rifle is. The 1886 Miroku Winchesters this same dealer had were priced MUCH higher however. I realize not the same gun and the Winchesters are beautiful but the Marlin will do the job and then some. I'll make mine a camp rifle and use it for deer this fall, with any luck. It is shorter and lighter than other Marlin 45-70s I have either owned or shot and should carry with minimal effort either a sling or in the hand.

Welcome back, Marlin.  ;)

Navy Six:
Thanks for the report. I hope they get the 1895 going again.


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