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Cimarron Nettleton?

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Go with this Gun & use black powder cartridges.


--- Quote from: Coffinmaker on November 08, 2022, 10:03:55 AM --- :)  Ha  ;)

Thanks Dave T.  I'll take that a compliment actually.  Of course, I also take a lot of heat for declaring "Collecting" and "Collector Prices" for USFA offerings, with no historical value, no provenance, no famous personage, as "just another Single Action."  And over-priced at that.

I actually see them all as guns that need to be shot on a regular basis.  Why bother otherwise.

Lets Have Fun Out There

--- End quote ---
Same could be said for the 3rd generation Colts. Never could figure out why people pay so much money for those. My Uberti's have never let me down.

Jeremiah Jones:
I have not seen any gun made within the last 20 years as being a collectable.  Buy it if you like it and shoot it.



--- Quote from: Coffinmaker on November 12, 2022, 11:40:45 AM --- :)  Yea Well  ;)

I godda knit to pic.  You see, here be my take.  You take a real nice Pietta in .45 wid a 7 1/2 inch barrel.  Put and Ainsworth cartouche on the stock and it becomes an instant "Ainsworth."  Change the cartouche to Nettleton and you have an instant nettleton.  Put a couple odd stamps onnit and it's a 7th Cavalry.  Butt:  regardless,  of the changes of cartouche/stamps it's still a nice new Pietta.

Same Same applies to a Uberti.  Change all you want, you still godda Uberti.

Now, to really chap some a . . . . !!  Without some form of provenance, attaching certain Colt guns to famous occurrences, or personages, and regardless of cartouche or roll mark, it's still just another Colt.  No big deal.

USFA??  Same considerations.  Regardless of embellishments, still just another USFA.

And I am NOT OPINIONATED!!!  (actually, yes I am).  After all, I like my attitude.

Let's Have Fun Out There

--- End quote ---

Pietta needs work on cosmetics to match the Uberti army models. Uberti's are spot on, IMHO.

You can be pretty precise with those thin sites and 7.5'' barrel, i see it a good looking well fitted powerful field gun nothing more.


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