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Cimarron Nettleton?

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Other than the differing inspector mark on this Cimarron offering is there anything else special on this? There is on available locally, beautiful sixgun. I do like the BP frame. Kind of a unique marketing tactic for a gun, I thought. But otherwise, still a sixgun more usable than collectible?

7th cav revolver with different inspector stamps.  Nothing wrong with that. 

Dave T:
If you like it, buy it. And of course, shoot it with black powder cartridges.


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Cliff Fendley:
The Nettleton model I believe is made by Pietta, the 7th Cavalry is made by Uberti. So sort of the same but different.


 :)  Cowtown and All  ;)

Not to be the resident "downer."  I don't see anything "collectable" about ANY offering from either Uberti or Pietta.  No history, no provenance, no WOW factor, just another SA with a new Marketing Gimmick.  Not that I don't think it's a real nice looking SA, but then it is just another SA.  To be Played with you betcha.

People are Still Contagious.  Avoid 'em!!


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