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Why no 1895 thread?

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Baltimore Ed:
I have a Browning 1895 in 30-06 that hopefully will become an NRA musket whenever I get around to it. I don’t see the problem with adding the ‘95. After all they were carried by Teddy’s boys in his ‘Splendid Little War’.


WELL I don't run this here place, but I suspect there is a much better place for the topic than the tail of the 1892 Board.  But:

This is after all CAS City.  Operative being "CAS" or "Cowboy Action Shooting."  The '95 doesn't actually figure anywhere in the time frame upon which CAS is/was established.  Its only use might be for some form of "side match" but I can't, for the life of me see what that might be.  The only probable possibility I can see, would be in some form Wild Bunch Side Match.  Something with a "Bonnie and Clyde" theme.

Kind of like trying to include the '03 Springfield or BAR.  No home here me thinks.

Play Safe Out There

Our club has always gone with the theory that if it was really there, it's allowed.  As long as the lead bullet load is under 1500 feet per second, it's good.  Of course, we also have our rifle target at thirty to fifty yards, too, so we don't really fit the average CAS club paradigm.

Baltimore Ed:
Sounds like a correct distance to me.

We had some people from another club come shoot with us once, and the first thing they said was "Wow, your targets are really small and far away!"  We like it.  You're supposed to have to actually aim!



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