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Why no 1895 thread?

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Baltimore Ed:
Would love to shoot with you sir.

Welcome anytime, sir!  We're a very GAF friendly cowboy shooting club.  We're trying to rebuild, since a lot of our old members have "aged out", as it were.

Major 2:
I too would enjoy it... sadly distance to Mid -America is the great nullifier  :-[
even Baltimore Ed's Carolina Outer Banks BAMM range is a hurtle.

Tuolumne Lawman:
Had a beautiful one (original 1895) come through this last year in 30-40 Krag...  I was tempted.  A couple years ago, we had one in .405 Winchester like Teddy hunted with.

Maybe we should have a combo page for the '94 and the '95 since they were both pretty much at the end of our era.  Thoughts?



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