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Uberti model 1873 Short Rifles. The top in .45 Colt and the bottom in .357mag/.38spl.

I've had the .45 Colt for a while now. Very accurate with 250gr plated bullets and TiteGroup. I just got the .357mag/.38spl. I just sold a Mikuru Winchester (in the same caliber) for this new Uberti. Not that I didn't love the Winchester, but when I found another one exactly like my first, I had to jump. (I also have a Uberti SAA in the smaller caliber to match with the rifle.)

Buckaroo Lou:
Nice looking rifles.

What model 1873 Winchester did you have?

I have both Uberti and Winchester 1873 rifles and like them both, but my Winchester is a step above the Uberti rifles. Mine are all 24" barrels. The Winchester in 357 mag/38 spec. and one of the Uberti rifles in 45 Colt are the deluxe models, and the other Uberti in 44-40 is a sporting rifle.

This one:

No tang safety (half cock safety). 20" barrel


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