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SOLD Uberti Cimarron 1873 38-40 Codymatic 24” straight stock $1249

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John Barleycorn:
SOLD Uberti imported by Cimarron 1873 24” sporting rifle with the 24” barrel 38-40, and straight stock. It’s a Codymatic fully tuned by Don Jones aka Cody Conagher of the Cowboy Shop. $1249 plus shipping
Email me at for pics or more info. I don’t get notifications here.

Why post here if you dont get notifications on this site?


 :( HillbillyJim  :(

And your very first post "here" is a snide downer??  Obviously a wondrous way to gain friends and influence people.

Why Post Here if It's Just a Downer??

John Barleycorn:

--- Quote from: HillbillyJim on August 16, 2022, 07:24:42 AM ---Why post here if you dont get notifications on this site?

--- End quote ---

 Maybe because people would like to get a hold of me quickly so I let them know the best way to get a hold of me is by email. If your not interested in the gun keep your comments to yourself.

John is great to deal with. It's good to see him posting stuff over here as well as on Sassnet.



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