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Virgil Lantey:
Anybody out there in lever lever land mounted a tang peep sight on their Miroku 92 with tang safety? I see that Marbles makes one, #009802.

Virgil Lantey:
I hear crickets chirping so I'll take that as a no.
Turns out it requires drilling and tapping a hole in the upper tang and I'm not willing to do that anyway.
I have a couple other options for dealing with aging eyes.
I have a Skinner barrel mount peep that should fit the existing dovetail...or...I can use the factory semi buckhorn as a peep, disregarding the notch entirely. I'll be trying that method momentarily.

Virgil Lantey:
Success using the buckhorn as a peep!!!!
My handgun loads (avg. 935 fps, 250 gr RNFP) averaged 1200 fps out of the 24" barrel and were right on at 25 yards.
I still plan to develop a "rifle only" load for the 92 using IMR4227 that I expect will be around 1450-1500 fps.
Love this Miroku 92! Not bothered one iota by the tang safety or rebounding hammer and I have zero plans to change anything.


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