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Although I only joined NCOWS last year, I bought a slew of back-issues of the Shootist and am very slowly working my way through them, mostly starting with the older issues.  I've enjoyed a number of authenticity articles by Marlan Ingram (alias O.T. Buchannan).  I notice that he was last active on CasCity ten years ago, and is not on the NCOWS member list.  Did he become inactive?  I hope he is still alive and well.

I may have more queries in the future regarding other names that seem to be folks that were very involved back then with the Shootist.

Navy Six:
I used to look forward to his articles as well. I cut them out and started a reference file that I still go back to. Hope he is doing OK.

Tascosa Joe:
He is a life member, but has not been active recently.  He was/is in Law enforcement. 

Yuma Kid:
Marlin is alive and well, I am friends with him on Facebook. He does not post much and is busy as a firearms instructor.

Thanks for the replies.  People's interests and activities can change for a lot of reasons.  I'm glad he is still with us.  His contributions were significant in those early issues.  Yuma, if you would, please pass on to Marlan that his work is still being seen and appreciated for the first time.  Thanks.



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