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No Trail Boss, what's close?

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Looking for a powder that is similar to Trail Boss with a medium to high volume. Any suggestions?

Well, nothing is exactly "similar" unless you stretch the definition.  But since TB isn't available, let's stretch.  Lee's website has a chart that lists the VMD, volume measure density, of most powders.  The higher the number, the fluffier.  TB is .2172 and nothing else is close, but the Clays and Red Dot are both higher than most at .14xx each.  I've always been very happy with Clay for CAS, mostly at minimum listed loadings in .44's and .45's for pistol

Thank ya, kindly.   ;)

Crow Choker:
I've loaded many many rounds of 38 Spec, 44 Colt/Special, and 45 Colt with Red Dot over the years and have always had good luck and accuracy with it. I've never used Clays so can't speak for it but have read and been told by many who do use Clays that they like it. I've had excellent results with Hodgens Titegroup also over the years. Like it's reported "insensitive to position" within the case, esp for large brass like the 45 Colt and 45 ACP. Can't say what the 'fluffiness' mark on it is, it's closer to a ball powder vs flake.

 :)  Aw Cummon  :)

APP is even better.  Just fill the case to bullet base (made a rhyme too).  Any Bullet, any bullet weight.  Load is the same.  APP to the base.  It's just simply PERFECT!!

Nanny Nanny PooPoo



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