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Range day....


Virgil Lantey:
Yep, range day! I wish it had involved a little shooting but it amounted to taking delivery of our new kitchen range, the last of the appliances needed for a significant renovation we've been working on since last summer. I'm doing all the work myself, and I'm slower than molasses, but it's turning out well.
Suffice it to say, I'm long overdue for a REAL range day! Sheet rocking is no substitute for shooting, trust me!

Gonna be a little while longer before I have a range day. It's just too damn hot here to have any enjoyable range time.  :-\

It has cooled down quite nicely here. Played with some .38 specials loaded with APP. Shot them in a .36 caliber Navy with a Howells conversion cylinder. Actually hit the targets more often than I missed. The APP created an impressive cloud of smoke.


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