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Source for barrel replacement or relining


Doc Holloman:
I have an original 92 SRC, made in 1904 in .38-40.  Would like to bring it into shootable condition.   It has a couple of issues with bullet feed (at least it does with dummy rounds,) but I think those are solvable.  What is the real showstopper is the condition of the bore.  It is pretty much shot out.

I would like to keep it in .38-40.  I shoot  a 73 in that caliber for Wild Bunch  and reload for it.   So can anyone point me to a source for replacing the barrel or relining it?

Doc sends.

Black River Smith:
Try here for a start.  New barrel made.  https://www.winchesterbarrels.com/

When I was looking at barrel reliner's, it appeared from their statements that SRC (carbines) cannot be relined because of insufficient metal.  I could be wrong though.

Dakota Ike:
If your barrel can be relined John Taylor would know.


Blackpowder Burn:
Lee Shaver also does excellent work.  I have discussed relining an 1873 carbine with him, and he says it's no problem.  He's also a really nice person to work with.



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