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Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifle

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I am the owner of Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifle chambered in .38 cal WC. I am not sure about which cartridge is appropriate? How many cartridges does a Winchester 1892 hold?

King Medallion:
.38 cal WC? As in 38/40? Load it up an find out. That's simple. My 92 44-40 carbine holds 10.

Coal Creek Griff:
As King noted, "38 WCF" stands for "38 Winchester Center Fire', which was Winchester's name for the .38-40 cartridge. The rifle will only safely shoot .38-40 ammunition. It isn't sold at every small gunshop or Walmart, but it can be found. It's an excellent cartridge in an excellent gun.

We'd love to see pictures...


cactus joe:
Like has been said just load it up and see. I have a 1892 in .25-20. The most i have loaded in it is 10. Not sure if it will hold more. After i shoot the 10 it seems like i spend 20 minutes or so just looking for my brass! >:(

Cactus Joe, if you lighten the ejector spring inside the bolt, it won't fling the brass so far.  The spring Nate Kiowa Jones sells for Rossis fit in my 32-20 '92 and really tamed the ejection plus stopped nicking the case mouths.



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