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C&B revolvers with cartridge conversion cylinder .36

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For anyone who has done this with their C&B revolvers...

The Pietta conversion cylinders...How well do they work with .36 cal revolvers?  I know they work well with the .44's because the bore diameter is right for .45 Colt.

My question... Are current made Pietta or Uberti 1851's made with a .375 bore?  If so, do you have to use hollow base bullets for these? 

River City John:
Short answer is yes. Or heeled bullets.

BUT, if you're shooting targets that tend to be close and larger, then shoot .358 in them. They'll be plenty accurate.


 :) DarkLord  ;)

Yes.  All of the current 1851 Replicants have .375 bores.   With conversion cylinders, they shoot best with Hollow Base Wadcutters.  Acceptable results can also be had with .358 bullets when targets are big and close.

I shoot a pair of Capt. Schaffer replicas with R&D conversion cylinders.  Depending on my mood and bullets in stock, I often load regular 38/357 bullets sized at .358 and have no trouble hitting CAS targets.

Play Safe Out There

Lucky R. K.:
Bullets sized to .355-.358 work well in my Pieatta '51's. at cowboy distances.

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Dark,

I have a very old 51 conversion in .38 S&W. It doesn't shoot normal .358 bullets worth a damn. However, Hollow based, lead bullets shoot very well when the load is stout enough to expand the base.

Rev. Chase



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