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Author/BPCR shooter Croft Barker - has he passed?


River Rat:
I was recently looking for an out-of-print book of his and while doing internet searches I came across an obituary for George “Boo” Croft Barker, Jr. stating that he passed away in July 2021. The details in the obit sound like they line up with the Croft Barker who wrote the .50-70 Shooter’s Handbook and several other volumes on antique rifles and silhouette shooting. However, I haven’t seen any discussion of his passing on the various firearms forums I visit so hoping perhaps someone here will know. Thanks,

Chris AKA River Rat

Major 2:

I am unfamiliar with his writings.  May he Rest in Pease

Cap'n Redneck:
Sad news.
I learned a lot from his writings.

Navy Six:
I am sorry to hear this news if this is the same gentleman. There is an article by him in the latest issue of The Black Powder Cartridge News about restoration of an old Rolling Block. Very informative material over the years.


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