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Cimarron/Pietta El Malo in .357


Okay, picked up one of these last week and made it out to the range yesterday with it. The octagon barrel and 357 bore give it a well balanced feel even with the 4 5/8" barrel. It comes with Navy size grips which are a tad small for my paws, but it shot well once i Had about a 100 rounds through it. It had the hand be a little sticky at first and was very tight, but loosened up nicely by the end of the range trip. Accurate little beast, I was bouncing one of those self-healing bounce targets all over easily out to about 25 yards. Nice, crisp trigger, not real heavy or light, I guess I should buy  a trigger gauge one of these days. Plain looking grips, but the CCH finish is nice and bluing is deep and even. It will make a nice pairing with my 51 RM conversion.


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