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Major 2:
Sunday, I had the traveling Veterains Museum display setup at the Auto, Bike & Misic Benefit Jamboree.
It's held yearly in St. Cloud, Fl. on main street.
Along main street, there a good number of eateries, Antique stores, Ice Cream shop,
 Old time style movie theatre
Everything is circa 1930-ish, just a really cool old-world feel.
While set up I had a chance to go into an antique store, just behind my table.

There I saw an antique "Boss of the Planes" style Beaver Hat, label impressed in the sweat band
in Spanish...  Caster,  Tienor- San Antoino,  Remirez 1074 Osorno, Fabricaion-Criizna.

Translation:  Beaver,  Shop - San Antoinio ,  the address , and maker.

It screamed buy me !  I did  :)   $20.

Some sleuthing, shows the hat as a 1920's vintage (that Shop shuttered in 1929)

Here it is before and after cleaning and blocking.

El Tio Loco:
What a great find!  I can not seem to find a vintage hat that fits my melon, they are all too small.

Major 2:
Heh ... it's too small for me, about 6 7/8 or 7,
 I'm a 7 1/4...but its intended use is here in the museum.

I'm thinking the shako on that kneeling mannequin is perhaps a bit small as well?    :)

Major 2:
That's Manny,
  he has a big head since he got the lead role of a Mexican Soldado, not to mention his permanent wavy Fiberglas hair do.



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