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Starting down the prostate cancer treatment road. Off to see the wizard.

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Baltimore Ed:
Hope this isn’t too personal. I consider you cas guys friends. Had my testosterone suppression shot yesterday. Good for 6 months. A pain in the arse but no big deal. And possible hot flashes! Guess this means I’ll be dressing better and want to redecorate the house. Get seeds next month and then the real fun starts, begin 6-8 weeks of 5 days/week radiation in late March after the Md Military Antiques Show [if they don’t cancel again]. I actually planned this treatment around it. I’m sure that there are a lot of us who are or have been down this road. My PSA has been creeping up for years. Did the first biopsy 3 years ago, the second last month. Numbers were up, a little more cancer so it was time to make a decision, either do nothing, radiation or remove it. Surgery was the last resort imo. I’m only 71 [next month]. Doctors are saying that I should have a good outcome. Compared to the hell my dear wife went through for 12 years after her stroke this is nothing. Stay safe all.

Well, something of a coincidence seeing your post today because this afternoon I go for my 1st needle biopsy. Previous liquid biopsy already positive.  Good luck in your journey!

I'll be praying for you both!

Baltimore Ed:
Good luck on yours too Abilene.

Buckaroo Lou:
Will be praying for you guys. I had mine removed a little over two years ago. I did the robotic surgery and it was quite successful. They got all the cancer and my checkups since have been very good. I am now 77.



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